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    Hey again!
    Next question revolves around putting big wheels on my C1500. After a bit of internet research, it appears that I can fit up to 22″ wheels without modification. I don’t especially care for the skinny tires, especially with those cavernous wheel wells, so I would opt for 20″ wheels, giving be a bit more treadlife.

    My question is how to fit bigger wheels. Obviously, I would need to use larger diameter tires, which would probably mean new gearing for the differential. So far, my thinking is that each two inches of additional tire diameter will result in an additional inch of vehicle height, as well as an inch less clearance in the wheel wells. Stock diameter is 28″, so going with 33″ diameter tires would mean I need 2 1/2 additional clearance. Plus, if I want to maintain the original ride height, I need a 2 1/2 inch drop, necessitating an additional 2 1/2″ clearance, or 5″ total. I believe I can do this with wheel tubs.

    So much for the height. Now what about width, offset, and backspacing. This one pretty much eludes me at the moment. Wheel and tire vendors say I need +15mm to -15mm offset. How do I go beyond those numbers to fit a wheel I like that is only available in say, +20?

    I have seen mention of fender stretching in regard to fitting oversized wheels. How is this done?

    I realize this is a fairly complex question, and would be good fodder for a magazine article, or a tech article on the forums. But any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.

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