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Posted: March 3, 2013 By: larry harding

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    larry harding


    i am restoring a king midget, replacing all the sheet metal parts. i purchased some parts and made some myself. these sat around for as for several months while doing other work and got quite a bit of surface rust. last fall i purchased a product called Rust Blast(probably simular to Eastwoods fast etch) which is supposed to remove rust and leave a phospate coating which helps paint to adhere. i tried using nason self etching primer, and then nason fulpoxy primer. i wound up with a mess, fish eyes streaking etc. tried washing with lacquer thinner, tried prepsol, and wiped with a tack rag before spraying still got the fish eyes. i’m no paint expert but have painted a few cars, motorcycles and scooters over the years and have never encountered problems like i’m having now. what is going on?

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