first time poweder coated parts

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    used a kleenstrip to strip the valve covers of previously failed attempts of painting, a diegrinder and wire wheel to clean up the rest of the valve covers and a quick whipe down with a water based prepaint (some new stuffi n autobody paints so im told), i preheated the valve covers just under 450 for about 5 minutes, i wasnt even close to being exact with times and temps. i pulled the part out of the oven and let cool until i was able ot mask w.o getting burned, once i masked i sprayed the poweder, and baked at 375 for 25 minutes and took part out and let cool in very cold ambient temp(some where in the 50s) once it was completely cooled i whiped down the 3 stripes with prepaint and used red toyota touch up paint to do the red lines(my red powder has yet to come). tell me what you think, i need wrk on the orange peel and fish eyes though.
    oh yea the powder i used was battle ship grey and its alot darker in person, the flash brightens it up.


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