First time powder coating, wheel defects

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    first time firing up my home made oven (4 tall x 8 long x 3.5ft wide) and i powder coated an aluminum wheel and a flat piece of 22ga steel.

    let me first state my temperature gun (from lowes) is very inacurrate and not consistant

    sanded the clean wheel with a rough scotch brite
    clean with de-natured alcohol
    pre heated the wheel to about 350
    shot with columbia’s low gloss black using eastwood dual voltage gun

    problem 1: i didnt feel like the powder was sticking to the wheel that good. i had to almost force it on in some areas. i had a good clean ground hooked through the valve stem hole.

    once shot, stuck into oven
    part temp up to 360ish (guessing cause of gun)
    20 minute bake
    let cool

    i knew going into this that powder around the beads were going to be iffy cause its hard to clean with a scotch brite. i have a sand blast cabinent ready and i guess i could use chemical stripper if needed. this was a test piece so no worry. Some areas looked great to me, while others not.

    dust visable is on top of the powder from transporting. didnt wipe before pics


    small piece that was in the oven same time and temp as the wheel (roughly 4inch x 10 inch)


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