First Time PC..A few questions for the Pro

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    A Few Questions:
    I am going to do a few practice runs on some small metal parts from my car (brackets, covers etc) but my first important attempt at PC will probably be my calipers, I already have a caliper rebuild kit, had them blasted clean, got silicone plugs/hi-temp tape have the metal wash and pre cleaning spray, my question is how much powder will I need? I grabbed a pound of hi temp gloss black, but figured I’d ask people who have done it before how much they used before I start.

    I have a 1400W Heating Lamp (SRU-1615) instead of an oven, if anyone else has used this and has any tips I’m all ears, my thought was to grab a laser termometer and just play with the distance until the right temp is reached, but again…I’m all ears on this one.

    Is the powder that doesnt “stick” reusuable? If so, does anyone make a vaccum and recovery container setup.

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