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    I’m getting closer to the next phase of my project which is to apply primer/surfacer to a combination of some bare metal (clean, no rust), sanded old paint/primer, and some body work. I need to get a paint gun and am looking at either the Devilbiss two gun set or the Concours gun (need some advice here). I have a nice big IR compressor which can do 13.4 CFM @ 40PSI.

    Need some advice on a decent high build primer/surfacer to use with the new gun. I plan to get the PRE paint prep but wasn’t sure if anything special (other than clean) should be done to the bare metal spots.

    Current plan for the last stage would be an OEM color (Ford Dark Canyon Red) PPG 2 stage urethane paint with compatible primer sealer (like DBC/DCU2021 or maybe the OMNI).

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