First Paint Job at 16

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    alright so this project won’t come near to anything on this forum. I am 16 and tried buying a 1979 z28 for my first car, my dad was all for it (he used to own one)-mom not so much. Long story short I am now driving a GMC envoy. sense I wasn’t shelling out my cash on my dream car I decided to buy a 1990 Yamaha SuperJet and mod it up a bit. Repainting is on that list. My bike is the only thing I have painted before (with just rattle cans), so I am by no means a professional or even experienced for that matter. Going to be needing a lot of help these next few weeks. First thing is first materials:

    Paint Gun- I am wanting to use an HVLP gun for this project, I was looking at this set by TCP GLobal (seemed like a decent first set of paint guns)

    Paint: I will just be using Rust-Oleum paint, I was looking into Interlux and Kirker and some higher end paints but I was recommended to go cheap for my first paint job and use higher end paints in a year or two

    I already have a cheap painters coverall, sand paper, a few rolls of masking tape, was going to purchase some masking film, need a respirator.

    A friend also gave me a trashed hull of his to practice painting on and get a feel for how it goes onto the fiberglass.

    Booth- I plan to build a booth outdoors with PVC pipe and drop cloths (already have a ton of pvc at my disposal) I will need to include some ventilation and was wondering on where the best locations would be for air vents. I plan to just use a regular flat panel filter. I assume the ceiling would be the best location with a jerry rigged fan sucking air out to act as a hood.

    more details to come with pictures of prep progress so far, any help is appreciated. I would love to hear your opinions on my plan+details and if it sounds solid and do-able or like a recipe for disaster.

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