First Motorcycle Repaint! Help? Too many variables… I Think?

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    Ok, I am looking to repaint my cruiser. I want to paint the whole bike the Eastwood Rat Rod Black.
    I am use to metal prep, prime and finishing, but can not find the answers to questions that have developed for other parts on the bike.
    Tank and rear fender are metal, no problems or question here other than if products will all work together or not?

    Front fender is new and is a fiberglass gelcoat fender. Will need sanded and primed for paint, Not sure what primer needs to be used here?

    Side covers are some sort of plastic, about an 1/8th to 3/16th thick. Not very flexable at all, but plastic non the less.
    Not sure on prep and primer here either.

    I have plans to take the tank down to bare metal to get rid of the factory decals and start fresh. Will apply epoxy primer then a build primer then the Rat Rod Black. Would assume the side covers need a plastic primer and not sure how much prep they need? Front fender will be prep sanded and primed, but not sure with what?

    Don’t know if im close to any of this or not. Would like to not have to buy a bunch of different products for every piece on the bike.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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