Firewall restore/clean up (newbie needs advice)

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    I need some advice on material to use and finishes to bring each stage too before moving forward. Currently I am 180 gritting the fire wall and inner fenders(already blasted). Doing my best to get in the small areas of the fire wall since it was not blasted. I Would like to use all Eastwood products so please keep that in mind. Hoping to put an order in this weekend.

    So I would like to do this thread in order as for the first post not to get to long.

    Let’s say the firewall is down to 98% bare metal what do you do next? Epoxy then filler or filler first then epoxy? Maybe I don’t even need the epoxy as most of the high build primers on the website say can be applied to bare metal????

    Let know the steps and products you suggest at this stage in the game and grit paper would help to for the level of finish before I move to the next step.

    Thanks for you time

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