Finishing Sandblasted Undercarriage

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    I have completely sandblasted the undercarriage of my 1974 Trans Am up to the front framerails down to bare metal. This was done around Labor Day, but living in Nevada the steel has not really generated any surface rust.

    My question:

    What would you recommend to finish the undercarriage. My goals are 1) durability because I never want to sandblast it again 🙂 2) rust prevention now that I’ve spent all of this time (and welded in new sheet metal).

    I was thinking if the rust converter/encapsulator/extreme CB route, primarily because of the lack of dangerous chemicals like those in an exoxy primer like DPLF or POR 15. Would I/should I use rust converter in this situation?

    Can you advise?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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