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    Well guys, I’m back with even more questions. LOL. So let me appologize ahead of time for a the long post. I have lots of new questions.

    When you outgas aluminum parts, do you exceed the temp needed to cure the powder? For example, if it needs to cure at 350, do you outgas at 400?

    After outgassing the part, do you let it cool then clean it, or clean it while its hot? Should I let it cool some but clean it while it is still warm? I worried that if I hit the hot aluminum with a cold cleaner, there might be a chance to crack it.

    What psi should I be spraying with? Right now I am using 15 psi and it seems like on the outside corners it is blowing the powder off or past the corner. Am I trying to coat with the gun too close? Should I angle the gun when I coat or point it straight ahead, like if I were using a paint gun?

    And I know this is subjective and has to be learned over time and tons of practice, but how do you know if you are putting on too much powder? Is there a way to tell while you are coating a part?

    I coated a buddies valve cover for practice. It came out with a lot of orange peel and I read that a major cause of that was putting on too thick of coat. So I tried a second coat but trying to go as light as possible, but it still came out with orange peel and this time had small pock marks on areas with the inside corners. I will try to get pics soon to show what I am referring to.

    I know I need to practice, practice, practice, but want to make sure I am practicing with the correct methods.



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