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    Starting to build a bigger oven for myself out a fridge my friend gave me. I got the interior gutted which was the biggest PITA! The inner liner and styrofoam were the worst to get out. I got a 1″ steel tube frame constructed where I’m going to use 1″ rock wool as insulation. I ordered 20 gauge gal sheet metal and plan on riveting the sheet metal but I have a few questions:

    What should I use for a seam sealer?

    There are a few holes in the back that are smaller, should I plug them or is it not really necessary as its in the outer liner of sheet metal and could act as a vent if needed.

    How simple can I make this wiring setup? I’m electrically retarded and would like to go as cheap and as simple as possible. This is just a temporary oven before I order one of Teds. I’ve been told I can wire it up with light switches for 2 elements and steal a temp controller out of an old oven to use for the 2 elements. I don’t want to get into PID’s or anything like that as I don’t understand them yet and I’m trying to be as cheap and simple as possible with this.

    Here are some pictures of where I’m at with it.


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