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    so im getting ready to do my first powder job…. have a conventional home oven (big oven is still in electrical phase) i have some volvo 4 piston brake calipers… they were torn down by the customer, now they are left caked with crud, and rusted… so i need to know… what steps to i take for prep…. i assumed i would take the worst of it off with simple green, or some other brake cleaner. then blast them with alum. oxide. here is my question….. are there parts that i dont want to blast ( ie: mounting surfaces, spots where pistons go?) if so, how do i mask them? afterwards, what steps do i need to take? plugs? caps? should those be done before blasting? what type of prep solvents should i be using ? i like the eastwood products, but they take a while to get here, and im getting too excited to wait, so general solvent suggestions would be great….. im hoping for these to turn out well… if they do.. ill move on to my valve cover and intake mani. so please… help me out here… your suggestions, tips, and comments are much appreciated

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