Filling Rust Pits Before P/C?

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    Hey P/C Gurus, I have another question.

    I coated a chromed rear fender off my project bike last week. It had some small rust pits that I sandblasted, steel wool, sanded (220) and acetone before P/C. I thought the P/C would fill in most of the small pits but I guess they were a little too deep. Unhappy with the results I again sandblasted, steel wool and sanded down to the chrome.

    Now – so I don’t make this mistake again, screw up this part more or waste any more time, money and effort like CPC-2 warned me about :mad:, is there any type of product I can use to fill in these rust pits and still be able to cover with p/c and take the heat of curing?

    Also the rust pits are not coming out as clean as the first time. It looks as if the p/c is imbedded in the pits. Any suggestion on a deep cleaning?

    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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