Filling holes where side trim used to be…

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    Another forum asked the question about using the body solder to fill in the holes and someone suggesting using POR-15 instead.

    I have holes to be filled and I don’t yet know how to use the MIG welder I have. I feel that I have the talent needed to properly solder, however, so I am asking for pointers before I order the kit to do the job. From what I read, it isn’t quite the same as leading, but close. Rod & Custom has an article about using the product, but not specific to filling holes in body side panels.

    So, is the videotape that comes with the kit, sufficient to show us how to accomplish the task?

    I really like the idea of not using my MIG welder and I don’t want to just “bondo” it. Leading, per se, is an art that I admire, and would like to be able to do. I know it will take some time to develope the finesse that is needed, but my past years of soldering electrical components and performing my own plumbing repairs (soldering copper together) makes me feel that I can “git r done”.


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