Filler/short strand glass filler over Eastwood Epoxy

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    I have used the Eastwood Epoxy on my car that was down to metal. It has been over 2 months. I get all sort of different answers when trying to figure out what is correct and best procedure for filler on top of the epoxy. Does it matter how long the epoxy has been on the vehicle adn you can just put filler right over the epoxy after sanding area with say 180 grit, or do i need to sand and go back to metal or can i scuff it and reapply new coat of epoxy adn then add filler within the week time period that is on the can for recoat? Also does it matter if putting short strand glasson the epoxy or should that be direct to metal and then coat with epoxy. I would liek to start body work now that the metal wrok is done but I just want to be sure i am correct in the procedure but i dotn see anythign that says if you can apply after a month or so to epoxy or what really needs to be done as many people it sounds like do it all faster than only being able to work on it every couple weeks. One more thing is, can i put high build filler right over epoxy that is over a month old by “roughing it up” with 120 or 180 or what is procedure for that. Thank you

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