Filler for body panel gaps

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    I’m doing a frame-off restoration of my ’69 Camaro that I’ve owned since the late 1980’s. This car is near and dear to me and has been a part of the family for decades. While I’m not a restoration professional, I am looking to achieve quality results that I can be proud of. My question is regarding body fillers for panel gaps.

    The roof, doors, and deck lid are original and rust-free, but I’ve had to replace the rear panel, both quarter panels and both fenders. I’ve done everything I can to repair with metal to minimize the use of filler, but I will need to add ~1/16″ of filler along the welds and gaps to achieve consistent spacing. So far I’ve been using Eastwood’s Contour Polyester body filler with decent results, but I see that Kevin Tetz uses a reinforced/stranded filler along the edges where chips are likely to occur, such as the gap between the rear edge of the door and leading edge of the quarter panel. I expect to need a skim of filler to finish the gaps all around the deck lid, fenders, cowl, etc. Should I be using a *reinforced* filler for these edges? If so, which product would be most compatible with the Contour Polyester filler?

    Here are a couple photos of then and now.



    PS – Thank you Kevin Tetz for all the instructive and inspiring videos. Love all the How-To info in the “Hands on Cars” series. Keep up the great work!

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