Fighting the ’58 Triumph TR3 Dash

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    I don’t know what the heck this piece is made of, but it’s making me pull out whats left of my hair. Tonight I took off yesterday’s failed attemp at wrinkle black and had it to bare metal again. When I got the dissolver washed off, I dried the piece, blasted it again to take the shine off a couple of high spots my sanding smoothed out between coats yesterday, and preheated.

    Now this metal does rust, so it’s not aluminum but it seems to be quite soft. As soon as it reaches about 400 f, these dark stains show up right where the lines in the cured powder were yesterday. I assume contamination of some sort, so let it cool, washed very liberally with brake cleaner, wiped down again with PRE, and the stains remained. I decided to take my prep a step further and submerged the piece in phosphate solution for an hour and a half. It bubbled like crazy for awhile, almost like hydrogen peroxide in an infected cut. Took it out, rinsed off the phosphate and air dried, then into the oven for just a couple of minutes to be sure it was completely dry. After that, I shot it with powder again and because it discolored at higher heat, tried a lower temperature cure. I cured for 30 minutes at 350 instead of 20 minutes at 400.

    After flow out, I watched for lines like before but had none. There was however glossy areas that didn’t wrinkle, so I took it out at about half the cure cycle and hot-flocked a second coat. This time, I got fairly uniform wrinkle on the entire piece with no lines, but now I have areas that look very flat fading into areas that are glossy. The finish just isn’t a consistant sheen.

    Any ideas on this one? :confused:

    Thanks in advance, guys.

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