Fiberglass reinforced body filler

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    Hello, I am working on a 1972 Blazer, I have replaced a lot of steel in the cab, and now I am doing the dent repair work. This leading to my question, I am using a short strand fiberglass reinforced filler made by martin senior for the base of the filler work and then top coating it with a polyester glazing filler. I have used this process in the past and did not seem to have any problems. But recently I had some eyebrows raised at the supply store when they asked what I was using the fiberglass filler for, since the directions indicate that it is for fiberglass body repair or for fixing rusted out metal bodies. I replaced 100% of the rusted metal properly (all sheet metal replacement), and just figured since I live in Montana and with extreem weather changes the fiberglass in the filler would be to my advantage to help make a better repair.
    Has anyone else used the filler with fiberglass filler for common dent repair with success?
    Thanks a lot!

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