Fiberglass my Challenger ?

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    Ben North

    Hello, I have just joined the forum and I have been browsing through the posts and finding some great info. I am looking forward to spending some time here.
    I have 2 1970 Dodge Challengers that I want to consolidate into one driver. I dont have a ton of cash to spend and I want/have to do most of the work myself anyway. My goal is to have a nice driver I am not shooting for show quality.
    I do however want to try to do the work as well as my resources will allow me. I have set up shop in my 1 car garage, (yes its tight), I have a good sized compressor and most of my tools in place. I am doing a lot of research right now as I dont have a lot of bodywork experience. I am probably going to have to paint this car in my driveway once I have it ready.

    Ok I am sure I am going to have lots of questions as I go but this is the first one I could use some help with.
    Overall the metal on this car is pretty good. Its going to need trunk pans and lower fender patches which I have all of the metal from Yr 1 and I am weighing trying to buy a Mig welder or just pay someone to weld these pieces in place.
    The roof is where I really need some advice. The roof has thinned out with surface rust and some rust through in a few spots. There was some bad rust on the front leading edge and someone before me welded in a large patch that is pretty rough. The problem is the roof is also uneven there are some pretty low, and high spots as well as the thin areas and quarter sized rust through holes. I have been told by a few that if I cannot get a better roof to weld on then I can fiberglass this one over. This is where I could use some advice, has anyone on this group ever fiberglassed an entire roof ? What are the problems doing this and can anyone give me a procedure ? I was going to rust treat the roof and then apply a mat in the low pots let it cure and then glass the entire roof blending in the roof pillars and sail panels and then go from there.
    I know this is not the best way but I dont know if I can score a good 70 roof and have it welded in and again I really just want a fun driver. I have had 4 1970 Dodge Challengers over the years and sold my last one in 98. I wish I hadnt and with prices going the way they are going I just want to get one put together to drive once in a while.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with the roof situation.


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