Fiberglass hood with slicksand preped down to 600 grid once sprayed issue

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    I do work on a brand new fiberglass hood for a Dodge Magnum fully custom build and got is Slicksand 2 coat layered and sanded down to 600 grid with an extreme smooth surface. Once I had shot my 2 black coats of paint on it and had it sit for 6h something happened to the paint which I can’t explain and need help on how to fix it.



    It was so rought I had to sand it down with 600 again because even I used a 1.4 tip and a good HVLP Gun somehow this extrem uneven surface happened.

    So what can I do to fix this job before I go on to my Clear coats.

    Thank you for any help. FYI It’s the first time I used Slicksand but I love how easy it is to work with.

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