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    I have a 1969 mustang vert, that I have metal work, and filler work nearly completed and I am getting ready to paint. I have already purchased eastwood epoxy primer, evercoat G2 poly primer, and eastwoods single stage paint and clear coat. My plan is to first cover everything in with 2 or 3 coats of epoxy primer. I am lazy, and would like to not scuff the epoxy before the poly primer if I can help it. is there an ideal window of time when I can shoot the poly primer, where scuffing is not required? or am I pushing my luck with too many layers, and let the epoxy cure and scuff first?

    second, i have a lot of epoxy primer. Can I use the epoxy as a surfacer on top of the poly primer?

    BTW Kevin, love your show, lot of good info! Keep up the good work!

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