feel free to point and laugh…defunct wrinkle redo

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    hey guys , first off just like to thank everyone for all their info and tips, especially for us new comers. it really is greatly appreciated. had a problem coating a taillight bracket last night. i shot it with eastwood black epoxy primer cured as instructions stated , only thing is i didnt let item cool as primer intructions stated. i let it cool slightly and then top coated with east wood black wrinkle. when i cured and removed from oven it was very badly bubbled almost like thin bubbles on a pizza crust. some were very large and very brittle.

    the bracket is made of steel it was chromed but was pretty badly rusted. i blasted it as best i could. i figured the wrinkle would hide most of the pitting. i’ll post pics and maybe you guys can give me some ideas on what may have happened? primer not cured? too heavy on top coat? the ears that hold the license plate came out pretty good and they were probably the best spot when the surface was bare, but honestly i have no idea what the wrinkle texture is suppose to come out looking like. it seems right. if there was any rust left could any kind of vapor or airpockets form just from the surface being a little un even? sorry about the ranting…thanks in advance!!

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