Fast Etch Under Epoxy Primer

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    I’ve been doing some research on a few of the epoxy primer products that I may use on my upcoming project, and several of them have bolded warnings in the technical instruction sheets for the primer saying not to use acid-based metal etching compounds under their materials. The Eastwood video for Fast Etch says that you can primer over it after you clean the surface with PRE.

    I’m getting ready to start work on a ’69 Camaro that has some surface rust that needs to be removed, and while I could get the overall surface rust off prior to priming, I’d planned to use Fast Etch to ensure that I clean the rust out of any pits in the surface. Because I’ll be doing the project in small sections, I expect that there will be areas of bare metal that won’t get primed immediately, so I was hoping to rely on the Fast Etch to protect the exposed metal until primer can be applied. Am I setting myself up for problems down the road if I go this route?

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