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Posted: September 17, 2012 By: redbug2

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    As an experiment I attempted to do a two tone motorcycle tank. Used many Eastwood supplies, gun, lab metal, heat tape.

    Base white coat, worked fine.

    Taped up design, had to stretch tape a little to round the corners. Applied another color base coat over the white. Baked it. Results were heat pulled tape and ruined some of the design. Re-taped most of the design and shot colored clear coat, baked it. This time the colored clear coat bled through the tape…. Plus, the tape that had gone through two bakes adhered to the tank.

    Here’s a link to the motorcycle progress, tank photos are last ones in the series. Hard to see the pink on the white in last tank photo due to resolution, but its there.

    I’m a little new to the powder coating process. Should i have primed the tank? How can a get the tape to not shrink? Maybe I should have just laid it out and then cut the pattern out? What about the clear coat leaking through the tape?? Or, is the pattern I’m trying to do too difficult for powder coating?

    Also, a piece of the lab metal popped up a little bit. I had followed the instructions and pre-baked lab metal for one hour.

    Thanks, Redug2

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