Fabric Door Panel Recoloring

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    Several years ago I purchased a weaved fabric in bulk and used it to cover the top portion (removable) of the door panels covering the inside door latch and window crank mechanism on my ’56 Chevy pickup. The material was attached using spray adhesive and the edges either folded and stitched or rolled over the edges and hot glued. The material is medium to dark grey in color.

    After several years, the material is beginning to fade due to sun and stain due to perspiration. Rather than recover the panels, I’d like to re-dye and add some type of fabric protection (stain and/or fade resistant). I can remove the panels from the doors to do this.

    I see a lot of spray dye applications for vinyl, but none for fabric. Do you offer products that could be used on fabric, or will the vinyl dyes work?


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