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Posted: December 25, 2005 By: bkchevelle

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    I’m currently working on a 71 Chevelle SS convertible and am in the process of painting the frame and underside of the body. I am using the Exteme Chassis Black Primer and Extreme Chassis Black Satin topcoat. I’ve exposed the front part of the frame, removed engine/suspension components and sandblasted the frame and underside of the body to bare metal. I also cleaned all surfaces with acetone prior to application of the primer.

    The primer instructions recommend application air and surface temperatures between 70 and 90 degress. I had applied two coats of the primer in approximately 55 degree temperatures. The primer was also curing in my heated garage overnight at approximatley the same temperature. When I checked the primer this morning, it could be scraped off with my nail.

    I have several concerns that I would like addressed prior to spraying the topcoat. The primer instructions recommend application of the topcoat within 6 hours of the primer application. Since I don’t believe the primer fully cured and am waiting until that happens, the topcoat probably won’t go on until next weekend. Will the topcoat still adhere to the primer or is there any preperation of the primer required due to the extended period of time between the applcation of each product? Also, when will I know the primer is cured? Are the cooler temperatures slowing the process or will the product ultimately fail? Should I put a space heater in the garage to help the primer cure and topcoat cure when it is applied?

    Generally, going forward, what can I do prior to application of the topcoat to ensure that I end up with a quality finished product?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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