Extreme Chassis Black Primer Over High Build Primer Filler?

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    After stripping my frame down to bare metal, I discovered quite a bit of pitting in several areas. I have already purchased a bunch of Extreme Chassis Black (ECB) Primer, and Extreme Chassis Black Satin paint. The description for ECB Primer on the can and online says it’s for use over bare metal. And online it says that it can be scuffed but not sanded. But I wanted to fill the pits first.

    To fill the pits (all less than 1/16″) I started using Dupli-Color High Build Filler Primer. http://www.duplicolor.com/products/fillerPrimer/
    So far, I am pretty happy with the results. But I am concerned that I now can’t use the ECB Primer.

    My question: Can I use the Extreme Chassis Black Primer over the filler primer? Or, do I go straight to ECB Satin paint?

    Thanks in advance!
    Joe M.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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