Extreme Chassis Black on Plastic Side Covers

Posted: November 12, 2012 By: AccuPro

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    I did a search and did see one posting regarding this question and it appeared that I can use Chassis Black on plastic?

    I am restoring a vintage Honda motorcycle and used Extreme Chassis Black (high gloss) to paint the steel frame and its looking pretty good. I have another quart of paint and also need to paint the plastic side covers and headlight housing the same color black and was trying to figure out how to match the Extreme Chassis Black, black color. Then it occurs to me, why can’t I use the extra Extreme Chassis Black to paint the side covers and headlight plastic housing?

    Is there any reason I could not do this? Would I need to do anything else to the plastic other then roughing up the surface with say 400 wet & dry and then cleaning with Pre?

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