Extreme Chassis Black on a sand blasted frame

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    I am doing a frame off restoration of my 53 Studebaker. The chassis is greasy on the front third including inside the rails in places. The rear 2/3rds have light to fairly heavy rust but still structurally sound. Here is what I plan to do to refinish the chassis.

    1. Scrape and clean with degreasers especially the inside of the chassis as much as possible.
    2. Sandblast the chassis, crossmembers, etc.
    3. Clean and prep with Eastwood Afterblast. This should take care of any remaining rust pits.
    4. Spray the inside with Eastwood Internal Frame Coating.
    5. Sand or scuff the Internal Frame Coating where ever it got on the outside.
    6. Prime with EW Epoxy Primer or EW Extreme Chassis Black Primer.
    7. Top coat with EW Extreme Chassis Black.

    A. What changes would you suggest to this plan?

    B. Should I use the Epoxy Primer or the Extreme Chassis Black Primer?
    Is one easier to use than the other? I am a novice painter.

    C. Would 1 Quart of primer and 1 of top coat usually be enough for a medium sized full chassis?

    Thank you,

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