Extreme Chassis Black Issues

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    Brad Uhl

    I am currently finishing a 1982 Corvette Frame. After Sandblasting, Rust Encapsulator was used, followed by Extreme Chassis Black (can).

    Everything was going smoothly, until I grabbed a can of Extreme Chassis Black Gloss as I was laying my final coat.

    I let it cure for about 24 hours, lightly wet sanded with 400 Grit, misted a light coat of Extreme Chassis Black Satin, let dry for 3-4 hours, and followed up with a heavier coat.

    I now have crazing & lifting of Extreme Chassis Black wherever it went on wet – leaving a mess.

    Light coats give an “misted” finish – the only way of getting things somewhat smooth is to apply heavier coats.

    How should I go about resolving this problem (not to mention, make sure it does not happen again) – Please Help!!!

    Thank you,

    Brad Uhl

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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