Extreme Chassis Black Gloss wrinkle finish

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    I prepped a group of steering components for paint, de-rusted to white metal with Evapo-Rust, washed, rinsed, ran them through a tumbler with coarse media, then walnut shell media. After that they got a wipe down with Eastwood “After Blast”. Two days later, half received a coat of Extreme Chassis Primer outside on a 68 degree day, which cured very slowly inside my house for the next few days. Waited for a +70 sunny day, primed the rest, painted the first run, waited 4 hrs, painted the second half since the primer seemed cured. Everything looked fantastic. Temp was to drop to 50 that night so I tented the parts in my shop, ran an electric heater in the tent to maintain 80 degrees. Next afternoon (70’s again) when I shot the recommended second coat a few pieces took it well, the rest started getting a wrinkle finish as they dried so I stopped. That was 2 days ago. At first I thought it might be a first coat thick application issue, now I don’t know what the hell is going on. Today I scrapped the soft gummy wrinkles down to the primer on a few recessed spots with my thumbnail and scuffed everything smooth with 320 grit, including the now hard wrinkles off the other parts and also scuffed some parts without any issues. Gave everything a quick wipe down with acetone and re-sprayed gloss about an hour later. When the spray hit the first part, it was as if I was spraying instant wrinkle finish.

    I sprayed a sanded tie rod sleeve which also instantly wrinkled, figured the finish on my parts was ruined anyway, decided to shoot a wet coat on an un-sanded sleeve…. no wrinkling but now duller. Sanded left, un-sanded, right. [ATTACH]4623[/ATTACH]
    Sprayed a second coat on an un-sanded steering arm, no wrinkling but cured to a dull matt finish, 2 coats on left, 1 coat on right.[ATTACH]4624[/ATTACH]
    I was diligent about shaking the can for 2 minutes and during spraying but thought maybe it wasn’t enough. I got a second can, shook it for 6 minutes and 2nd coated a steering spindle. The rough part of the casting didn’t wrinkle but did dull, the machined bolt holes did wrinkle. 2 coats left, 1 coat right.[ATTACH]4625[/ATTACH]

    I have a wide variety of shaped steering components, some fairly easy to sand, some deeply and irregularly recessed as well as casting roughness so sanding those channels and irregularities between coats without going to bare metal in spots will be impossible, let alone a royal pain in the *** to attempt.
    I’ve shot many types of automotive & hardware store rattle can paints over the years and have always had good results, never seen anything like this at all. In spite of the terrific reviews on Eastwood, it’s pretty easy to find others on the various car forums that have run into everything I’ve described using this product.
    So, keeping in mind that it’s a virtual impossibility to evenly spray a spring retaining cup or an A-frame U channel the width & depth of my thumb or some of my other recessed parts……….. tell me where this is going wrong for me.
    I read every Extreme Chassis Black thread last night, saw the recommendation to dust light coats, finish with a wet one. Great advice for flat panels.
    This was also recommended for coating my NOS coil springs, once again, virtually impossible to evenly coat or sand a coil spring.

    The first coat on my parts turned out great, how can I successfully apply a recommended second coat?

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