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    Hi, I’m working on my ’90 Mustang GT, I have the motor out doing strut tower/framerail repair. I blasted/wire wheel down to bare metal and sprayed with the Eastwood rust encapsulater (2 coats) and I will top coat with 2 coats of the Extreme chassis black. (hope this is ok)

    Now for the rest of the engine bay, I want to paint with the Extreme chassis primer, and then the Extreme chassis statin paint. my ? is, I have spray can’s now, but will need to order more for the whole engine bay… are the quart sizes you sell for these 2 products (the extreme chassis primer and paint) brush on? Or do you have to spray it? and if you do, what do need to mix with to spray?

    or am I better off, using this kit – https://www.eastwood.com/ew-satin-extreme-chassis-restoration-kit-w-re.html?reltype=2&parent_id=4660 which is using RE and the chassis black satin? ( and if so, it would be ok to use over the old paint, onced roughed up of course) and what would be needed to spray it? (would 1 kit be enough to cover whole engine bay?)

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