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    A while back I purchased some of your Extreme Chassis Black (spray cans and quarts) to finish the frame for an ’89 Ranger. Flowout was great, gloss was perfect, drying time was excellent…………adhesion was zero. Paint can be scraped off with a fingernail. Through research, I found out that fault can be shared. I used a (brand name) self-etching primer over the entire frame. There should have been enough time between primer and ECB to allow acid to “dry out”. Odd thing is that seperate parts that were sprayed with aerosol (same atmospheric conditions) have better paint retention than the parts painted from quart can. I am in the process of scraping off all ECB. My request is two-fold: to eliminate anyone else from the costly and time-consuming experience I am going through, PLEASE add to your website, your catalogs, and the product labels that ECB is not to be used over self-etching primers so that people are aware BEFORE they purchase; secondly, what would be the best approach to remedy my problem? Do I remove the self-etching primer, wash down with baking soda to remove remaining acid residue, spray with epoxy primer, then recoat with ECB? I would like to continue using Eastwood products, but once bitten, twice shy…………..


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