Expierenced hi temp lab metal users, i have a question about mixing and shelf life’

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    I got some Hi temp lab metal to assist in filling pits in an intake manifold I am about to do in reflective chrome, and was wondering if it is always a hard clump on the bottom that is almost impossible to stir or if my can has exceded its shelf life.
    When i say impossible to stir I have tried an small/thin flat top screw driver, a long narrow nail, a dental pick and nothing seems to want to mix the clump with the liquid.

    Seeing how it takes so long to air dry and apply second coats I though it would be good to do the filling while I am preping and doing my other parts that have backed up. After trying this lab metal for the first time i am thinking of just going mad with the kl primer and sanding, call it a lesson learned and source a supplier for All metal.

    However I am stubburn and don’t like to give up so if this is the way the lab metal is then I will suffer through the mixing, just dont want to waste anymore time if it has gone bad.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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