exhaust system replacement – do it yourself?

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    Guys –

    Im new here, but have watched for a while…..

    Ive got Dad’s old 79 chevy 3/4 ton truck and it needs a new exhaust system, probably a catalytic converter. I always hear guys talking about hating exhaust work, and I dont know why. Ive got a little welder, and was wondering if I could install a new system myself?

    Its got a 5.7 gas engine, and the manifolds are fine. Just need to install the pipe from the gasket back. I know I’ll need new hangers and hardware, which is fine.

    Should I buy a new catalytic converter? What type? I see they offer cheap ones for $90 and then a middle of the road converter for $180, and a premium model for $300. How long do they last?

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