EW Urethane Clear 2:1 and EW 2K Urethane Primer Gray 4:1

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    I’m very interested in your Urethane paint products, but can you please tell me;

    1/ Are the Catalysts used with (EW Urethane Clear 2:1) and also with (EW 2K Urethane Primer Gray 4:1) isocyanate free? as I’ve noticed that it does not state ether way, where as on some products such as your (EW Epoxy Primer Gray) it states clearly that the product does not contain isocyanate’s.

    2/ I live in the U.K. and nether of my local Eastwood Automotive stockist’s have ether your Urethane Clear or your Urethane Primer Gray in their Eastwood range, so can I buy direct from you, and can you/are you, able to ship this product to me?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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