EW Satin Black vs. Others

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    Hello all!
    I am new to the site and to PC. What took me so long, right? Man, this is some amazing stuff.
    I am currently working on putting my classic Mini Cooper back on the road and getting the engine compartment finished. Luckily, I was sent a bracket my accident that was NIB so I have a really good starting point to match the color for the rest. Here is what I have tried.
    EW Gloss black—Way too shiny obviously
    PBTP 65% Semi Gloss black—Close bit a little too shiny and seems to not be a black. When comparing to others, it has a more soft black/purple tint. Its faint but I can tell
    HF Flat black—It was 5 bones so I bought it. It is too flat obviously but brings up the point of this thread.

    EW Satin black!!!! I tried it out yesterday and it is actually flatter then the flat I got from HF??? Does that sound right? Has anyone else compared this satin to others? Starting to think I got the wrong powder.

    For the car, I think it must be around a 50% semi but I really dont want to keep buying tons of different powders for such a minute detail in the end. Almost all will never be seen:-) Just wondering if EW satin is really supposed to be THAT flat??

    Thanks all

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