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Posted: October 30, 2006 By: WiseGuyz

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    I tried this product yesterday on powder coat. One test piece had a single coat of pc, the other was a base coat and topcoat. I submerged them in dissolver and agitated them once in awhile. The single coating dissolved and washed off to bare metal after about an hour by just rinsing off with water. The second piece was bubbling the topcoat off, so I left it overnight. In the morning, the top coat was just laying there and I skimmed it off. The base layer was dissolved, and with a cold water rinse, cleaned right to the bare metal with no work at all with no apparent effect on the substrate. You have to keep the part wet, preferably submerged, and give it time to work. Used according to the directions, it works great. It’s a whole lot less smelly than Aircraft Stripper, and needs no scraping at all. I really like the no-mess part. It also works very well to clean silicone masking plugs. Toss them in the bucket, and they come out looking like new.

    Today, I used it on a steel part with thick paint, and it came off with no effort whatsoever in about half the time it took to remove the powder coat. I used the same stuff that I used to remove powder with yesterday, and it showed no signs of working any less effectively. It turns dark with use, but apparently keeps working until it totally evaporates, so I keep it in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid. The paint came off a lot quicker than powder does, but it worked great on both. Agitating the container speeds the removal process. If this stuff will work in a circulating parts washer, it’s going to save me a TON of time in the blast cabinet! Since you can use it over and over, it just makes sense.

    I’m very impressed with the product, and for the price, when my Aircraft Stripper is gone, I’ll definitely be ordering Eastwood Powdercoat & Paint Dissolver instead. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easier and more cost-effective method of removing finishes.

    Dan Thomas
    Elite Powder Coat
    Fargo, ND

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