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    I have some small areas of bare metal left during OEM finish prep work. When feathering scratches, I sometimes had to go down to bare metal in order to get a good feather edge but this left a small, quarter size spot of bare metal. Should I use etching primer on these spots prior to primer? And if so, does it hurt if part of the OEM surrounding finish has the etching primer on it as well as the bare spot in the center? I know this must seem like a dumb question but I just want to make sure before I apply EP on these areas. If I come across any small spots where surface rust appears, I would sand it first, then wipe oxisolv on, rinse and dry, and then shoot EP over the bare spot and over some of the surounding feathered OEM paint.
    I also have some spots on the roof where the factory luggage rack mounter, and they used regular metalserts for the screws to attatch. They did use stainless screws but the matalserts keep making surface rust during my prep stages. Even after I clean, treat and etch prime, and then primer, the top of the screw hole begins to show rust beneath the primer. Then I have to sand it off again and repeat the process all over. I just wondered what I should do just before I get ready to actually prime for the last time before I seal and paint. I don’t want any rust growing beneath the paint. Can I use just a touch of Rust Encapsulator on the spot after treating, then prime and paint?


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