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    Hello Eastwood guys, in watching Kevin’s Zed Sled videos, I saw that he sprayed a coat of epoxy primer on top of the black 2K primer using a 1.3 tip setup. I would like to know if he thinned the epoxy primer down at all. I used the epoxy primer on the bare metal before spraying the poly primer. I used a 1.8 tip for the epoxy primer at that point. While it did spray evenly and smooth, it was not what I would consider the best surface to paint the base coat. There were a few small pimples on the surface. So I was wondering if using the 1.3 tip provided a smoother finish or did he thin it or both. If he did any light sanding on the epoxy coat, he did not show that in the video. Thanks again for your help! The support on this forum is wonderful. Thanks, Todd

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