Epoxy primer over rust-oleum primer?

Posted: July 16, 2012 By: santorum

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    I think I may have made a very novice mistake. I have been working on a bare metal gas tank that was custom made. It began taking on light surface rust so I sanded it down and sprayed it with rust-oleum self etch and again with rust-oleum primer filler. I planned on putting a coat or two of eastwood epoxy primer followed by the rat rod flat black.
    Upon doing some digging I ran into a few online communities that state it’s bad to mix rust-oleum with another primer. While trying to research it appears the concerns are spraying the rust-oleum over the top of an epoxy. My concern is: Will I be okay to coat my existing work with an epoxy and then rat rod flat black over the top of the epoxy primer?

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