Epoxy Primer over 2K Urethane Primer

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    I am in the middle of painting my 73 Cuda using all Eastwood products and have a little confusion on some of the products. I have purchased a 2K high build primer, polyester primer/surfacer and a epoxy primer (white because I am painting the car lime squeezing green). I have been told to use the primer surfacer and then to epoxy over it to seal it before applying my top coat, however in reviewing some threads here, it should epoxy over the car to begin with, then after body work to apply the surfacer and then to top coat; so I am slightly confused. My questions are;

    1. can I apply the epoxy over the surfacer?
    a. If so, how long do I have to wait?
    2. when would I use the high build primer (if ever)?

    Bottom line here, I have 3 products and am unsure when to use which. The body work has already been done on the car as has the fabrication. I am painting the car with the fenders on the car but the front and rear valances off the car. I do have new E coated rear quarters and fenders which I intended to scuff before painting (primer).

    Any help is appreciated.

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