Epoxy Primer – bring home in the cold before working on it

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    I am getting my restomod media blasted and after cleanup and prep putting on the Eastwood Epoxy Primer right away.

    I was then going to transport my car home to do some filler and other part work before putting on the build primer.

    Is there anything in the curing process or chemical adhesion ability that would be hurt if the car is out in the cold (20 degrees and below) for an hour and then sitting in a 50 degrees garage?

    I would heat the garage up to 65-70 to do the filler and other smaller part primer work.

    Then bring it back over to the paint booth in the 5 day window to put the coats of build primer on it.

    What does the cold do to that 5 day window?

    Thx all. Anyone with any wisdom for a newbie

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