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    This is my first major job painting a car. I took the roof and station wagon tailgate down to bare metal. There is a luggage rack on top which I took off first. My main goal is to stop the rust and making it look nice for resale. It isn’t worth much anyhow. It only has 53,000 miles and the inside is real nice. I hope to paint the whole car later.

    I took the paint off with 80 grit (and about 2/3 sheet of 60 I didn’t notice) and should have used 180 considering all the scratches it made. I’ve been using 100 to get the scratches out but there is still a lot of them in the rack area. Than I’ll use some 180 and 320 last. Do I have to get all these scratches out or will ospho and the primer fill them in? How rough can it be? I am using a 1/4 sheet sander and it is taking forever. The tailgate and the outside of the rack are in good shape now.

    I’ve tried ospho on patch jobs and rust came back after a couple of weeks. Seems like the best way to put it on is with a cloth to get it as thin as possible. Even so there are some rough spots which I sand and apply more solution to. Is this necessary? I plan on using it since the metal has been take down considerably considering any rust. The only pitting is where to outside rack sat.

    The hood is next if I have time. I might use a paint stripper this time although it might be hard to get off.

    How much coverage will I get from a quart of epoxy primer? I am working on a medium size 1985 Ford LTD wagon. Hoping a qt will cover all three pieces.

    I was told that paints like rustoleum won’t hold up to the sun.
    Thank you for any suggestions.

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