Epoxy / Filler / Poly Primer questions

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    Hey Kevin,

    First of all really want to thank you and Eastwood for putting together the Hands on Cars series with Zed Sled – it’s served as a great guide for me so far in my project as well as being enjoyable to watch.

    I’ll preface this all by saying that this is my first time doing any of this stuff and I’m learning a lot of it as I go along. Anyway, I’m in the middle of doing some body work and had some questions regarding layering of the various materials that I’m working with.

    I welded some flares into my front fenders and started with laying down some epoxy primer on the bare metal once my welds were ground down and planished. Then within the curing window of the epoxy, I applied my body filler and blocked / guide coated / wet-checked that until it looked and felt good enough to reprime with epoxy in order to cover any exposed metal as a result from sanding the filler. This is a mandatory step since the TDS of the Featherfill G2 (poly primer) I’m using says that it can’t be applied over bare metal – epoxy is the approved substrate. (I went with the G2 primarily for color selection – I wanted to use a different color than the gray epoxy so I can tell when I sand through more easily).

    With the fender reprimed after my filler work, imperfections that I couldn’t see or feel before are revealing themselves under lighting. I intend to do a couple priming / blocking sessions with the Featherfill, but can filler/putty be applied on top of the poly primer if it doesn’t remove all the trouble spots on its own? Also, is “sandwiching” filler in adjacent layers of paint of any concern? Obviously less layers are better, but I just wasn’t sure how to organize them all as I work through the process. My foresight / trouble area spotting skills are still under development and I would like to avoid having filler work spread through all kinds of different layers if I can avoid it.

    Thanks for your help and here’s a few pics for reference,




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