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    I recently wrecked my car, and was able to keep it so I will be tearing it down as time and weather allow, it’s almost winter here, but I want to keep the engine and maybe build it up a little bit.

    Are there any places to find some engine stand plans? I’m having a hard time finding anything and I’ve been searching for an hour or so now.

    I would basically need to build two of them, one of them for mounting the engine to while it’s being torn down and worked on, and another one to mount the engine/trans to so that it can be started and run.

    This will be the first time I’ve stripped a car down, and built an engine since high school, but I got the service manuals and the know how, I just need the stands 🙂

    It would be a good little project in the winter to build up a couple of nice stands that were tailored to the ford modular 4.6L engine.

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