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    About fifteen (maybe twenty) years ago I pulled the 292 Y-block engine and Fordomatic transmission from my ’55 T-Bird as I was enthusiatically starting a “frame off” restoration project. As luck would have it, before I could really get into it, my business took off and I no longer had the time for anything but work, depressing as that seems. I have recently sold the business, retired and now have both the time and the inclination to complete this long delayed restoration project.

    When I pulled the engine and transmission both were operating just fine but I took no special pains to store either of them properly; It was, after all, going to be just a few months until the car was completely restored and back on the road. With the exception of pouring some small amount of oil on top of each piston and covering the intake and exhaust ports, I did’t even drain the crankcase or the transmission.

    My question is: Have I totally trashed both of the engine and transmission or is there some way that I can clean them up up and reverse the 15 (or more) years of neglect or would it be best if I just used them both as boat anchors?

    If they’re not trashed, what kind of steps do I need to take before I hook up a battery and try spinning the engine?

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