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    I am doing a frame off restore on my 67 Goat.
    And now is the time to do it right,, before I start putting her back together.
    So far I have painted the radiator support and firewall with Eastwood Original Chassis Black. (Satin)
    They came out very nice, (took forever to dry) But as I said came out very nice…
    “” I fear it is just alittle to glossy. “”
    All information for paint for the 67 GTO states 60% gloss.
    The Chassis Black states a 60 to 70% gloss.
    Is there some way to tone the gloss down alittle ? ? ?

    How much of a difference is there with the underhood black.
    Can the the underhood black be used for the above.
    And if the underhood black IS the better choice would I be able to spray right over the Chassis Black ? ?

    For the record,, I have also painted the front and rear coil springs with Eastwood Original Chassis Black. (Satin), And I have to say they came out perfect ! ! 🙂


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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