engine bay prep and primer help.

Posted: October 17, 2006 By: P66Satellite

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    ive read almost every post on here and its been so much help. Im redoing the engine bay on my 66 Satellite. The engine is out and ive painted it and updated it, it looks amazing. Next up will be the front K-member and suspension pieces(degreasing, scuffing, and sanding where needed, then im hitting it with Eastwood rust encapsulator, then chassis black). after the k member and suspension, im moving to the engine bay itself. The original light blue paint is still on the car and in decent condition. Some spots of surface rust are apparent but i can handle that ok. My questions are, after sanding on the original paint, and taking care of surface rust, which primer do i use? im on a college students budget, but have access to a garage with every tool known to man, except a paint booth. I havent yet decided if im gonna basecoat/clearcoat it, or do the single stage paint on it. Should i use slick sand and then topcoat it with paint? or is there something better? Ill post pics when i get home. Thanks in advance

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